ArcGIS Utility Network: A Transformation Technology 


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Recorded June 3, 2021

We know you've heard about Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network by this point. You likely know what it is and why it's important. You may have "Migrating from the Geometric Network to the Utility Network" as part of your 3-5 year plan. What you may not know is that this endeavor is so much more than data migration.  

Migrating to the Utility Network is truly a transformational technology implementation. Once you've adopted a smartphone, you'll never go back to a flip phone. That's the kind of transformation you'll have in the Utility Network.  

Register for this webinar to:  

  • Receive a refresher on "why" you should migrate and how to build your case for the initiative 
  • See technical demos in the Utility Network to see the difference for yourself and learn a thing or two 
  • Hear about a tool called SSP Sync from our friends at SSP Innovations
  • Explore different methods of getting started to include assessments, training, workshare, etc. 
  • Hear from a GISinc customer on their experience with moving to the Utility Network 
  • Plan with our list of questions to ask yourself before taking the next step in your migration 

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